Bespoke Process

We are excited to have you in our shop and start creating your envisioned clothing pieces. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

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    Fabric Selection and Styling

    We offer Customers with extensive fabric choices, design templates coupled with our Tailor’s professional and creative design presentations for a total personalized service experience. Depending on your style of choice, we will pick the best fabric to achieve the desired creation. This process will also include creating the pattern to determine the precision of the design, early on.

    Initial Fitting

    Part of the promise is a perfectly fitting clothing pieces, and one of the key processes to achieving it is doing an initial fitting with the client. At this point, you will already get a feel of the level of comfort and exquisiteness of the creation. Any adjustment necessary can be clearly decided by you and your tailor.

    Final Fitting

    After all the necessary styling and measurement adjustments, your tailor-made clothing piece is ready for a final fit.

    Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Deliver the most comfort, fashionable and quality suits for our customers!